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Luck is, what happens, when preparation meets opportunity.

BIG EIGHT © combines the 8 most important western lotteries to a globally unique product. For the first time, the chances of 8 major western lotteries are combined with the advantages of popular lottery game communities. For the first time, every game participant see each played lottery ticket online.

The Lotteries

Around the globe, there is an overwhelmingly large number of diverse lotteries.
© BIG EIGHT combines , the largest eight lotteries

5 American 3 European Lotteries


These 8 biggest lotteries reported in the past jackpots of in total up to 1.5 billion euros – an incredible sum, considering that the historically highest jackpot of the EuroMillions lottery hast been 190 million euros – in Europe a hitherto unequaled amount.

The road to the maximization of opportunities

The chance to hit, for example in “Lotto 6 out of 49", the highest possible gain, namely to get 6 correct numbers, is almost at 1: 14 million.
The statistical chance to hit 6, can easily be increased by playing several (different) tips.
The more such different tips are played, the greater than will be the chance to meet 6 correct. Solely BIG EIGHT© offers the unique option to maximise the chances of winning with the BIG EIGHT © Game Communities .
BIG EIGHT© whereupon you waiting for?

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